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With over 20 years of experience, we specialise in the design and construction of concrete swimming pools in the Brisbane area.

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in-ground concrete pool designed and built by oasis pool constructionsAt Oasis Pool Construction we work for you, so it’s important that each swimming pool design & build is our best work. Our swimming pool builders have had more than 20 years of experience building concrete swimming pools in Brisbane and surrounding areas.
We understand that a concrete swimming pool is a big investment for any family.
When you choose to build a new swimming pool, it needs to align with your family’s lifestyle. However, it also has to accommodate your needs as you progress through the stages of family life.
You have unique needs and we understand what works for one family, may not be a good fit for another. This is why every concrete pool we build is completely custom-designed and one-of-a-kind.

We’re Here to Guide You

Our expert pool consultants will guide you through this decision-making process and help you tailor the right pool to suit your family today and in the future.
Our designers build inground swimming pools that fit your family’s needs. We talk to you and guide you through the design of your pool and the various stages of pool construction.
We ask questions about your family, your lifestyle, your home design, and the space available to build you the ideal pool. From there, we tailor a modern design and construct a completely custom swimming pool to complement your Brisbane residence.


The Plan


Check out our step-by-step plan for building your personalised concrete pool. Our team of dedicated Brisbane pool builders is with you through the entire process – From your initial design ideas to filling up your new family pool.
Find out why we recommend concrete pools over fibreglass pools.

Why Choose Oasis Pool Construction?

We’re expert pool builders who’ve been in the pool industry for 20+ years and we’ve never done templated pools off the shelf.  
We individually design our concrete inground pools to meet your family’s needs and your budget. Our pool construction service includes an initial obligation-free quote.
We’ll sit with you to work out what you want from a backyard pool. This includes discussing a budget, taking a look at your property + the available space, and then giving you a quote for your own beautiful family pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefits of concrete pool construction are:

Durability - An inground pool constructed using concrete is extremely durable and can have a lifespan of 50 years or more. Cement is sturdy and highly resistant to damage (even from a sharp object.)

No design limitations - Building with concrete allows us to build literally any size, shape, or style you can imagine. We design and construct what's known as free-form or custom-shaped pools. Each concrete pool we build is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Attractive appearance - Concrete pools give you a choice of attractive finishes, tiling options, and additional water features.

Add value to your home - A concrete swimming pool will add value to your property, especially if it has been expertly landscaped and integrated into the overall design of your home.

The most popular pool finish is pebble-crete. This particular finish starts with base colours and can be upgraded to include more glass chips.

It is a hard-wearing and cost-efficient way to deliver an inviting pool.

Pool Tiles

There is also the option of a fully tiled pool. Pool tiling provides deep colours and a luxurious look, particularly if you opt for mosaic tiles. 

Glass mosaic tiles bring a whole new level of luxury and sophistication to your backyard swimming pool.  Glass tiles also:

  • Doesn't absorb other substances;
  • Can withstand chemicals or algae and;
  • Fits into the natural curves of the pool design.

A concrete pool that has been maintained correctly should last 50 years or more.

If it has been well constructed and looked after, it could last a lifetime.

Resurfacing of the pool's liner may be required roughly every 15 years.

1. Maintain a constant and consistent balance of chemicals in the water.

2. Keep the concrete floor and walls clean by using a hard bristled brush attached to a telescopic pole.

3. Regularly run your pool cleaner.

4. Resurface your concrete pool every 15 years or so.

Yes, it can.

Concrete is a naturally cold material that is not particularly efficient at retaining heat. Hence, concrete pools generally require a more effective heating system.

Yes, saltwater chlorinators are perfectly safe for use with a cement pool.

Yes, we can, it's possible to integrate a spa into any concrete pool. The average size for a spa is 2m x 2m.

Absolutely, we can build anything such as feature walls, deck jets, spillways and more.

You can have anything around a concrete pool from a timber deck to polished concrete to tiles.

A concrete pool is the best option for a steep slope as it can be engineered to fit the conditions.

A concrete pool's structure is self supporting so it doesn’t rely on the ground to hold it’s weight which is ideal for sloping blocks.

Yes - Oasis Pool Constructions is a local Brisbane concrete pool builder specialising in high-quality luxury pools.

We craft custom inground pools that enhance your home and your lifestyle.

We are capable of designing and building both residential and commercial pools without restrictions on the shape or size.

Absolutely! We've been in the pool industry for over 20 years. You can check out our Google reviews here.

Our team provides a top-rated pool-building service in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. 


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