Oasis Pool Building Process

The 10 Step process in getting the pool you want from start to finish!

When you work with Oasis Pool Construction you get to work hand in hand with the very people who design and build your pool.  We’re on site and available to you every step of the way.  To make sure you understand the process of building your own pool, we’ve designed a step by step plan.


Before starting to build your beautiful new pool, Oasis Pool Construction takes you through the plan to make sure we’ve have dealt with any questions you have.


1) We visit your home and give you a no obligation quote. We then explain in-depth all the options and products available to ensure you're happy with the end product.

2) Now we create a personalised quote that meets your requirements and your budget.

3) Once you've accepted the quote we start to put together your Masters Builders contract.


1) OBCC Insurance, plans and approvals are obtained and a start date for your construction is locked in. (How exciting!)


1) Excavation works are scheduled and the construction process of your pool begins.

2) The box and steel formwork process normally takes a few days as your fully steel reinforced swimming pool now takes shape.

3) The concrete spray is then next. Now you've got a concrete shell in your backyard.

4) Plumbing pipes are run and your new top quality filtration system is installed.

5) Within 2-3 weeks of your pool shell installation your tiling is complete and ready for your surrounding projects to start. This includes timber decks, concrete and fencing installation.

6) Now the fence is certified we install the interior, fill and commission your pool providing a handover lesson on how your new pool works.

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