Why Build a Concrete Pool?

Why Build a Concrete Pool?

Concrete Pool or Fibreglass Pool: Our Recommendation

Custom concrete lap pool with waterline tile

We recommend building concrete swimming pools over fibreglass pools.

At Oasis Pools, we prefer to build custom pools using concrete because we can provide our customers with the highest quality pool to fit their unique property and budget.

Why Build a Pool?

Splashing around in your own pool on a hot day is a great feeling, especially during the Queensland summer.

If you’ve been wanting to build a backyard pool for your family, the off-season is the perfect time to start planning.


What is the Best Type of Pool?

When deciding on a pool, the most important decision you’ll make is whether you want a concrete or fibreglass swimming pool.

Fibreglass and concrete are both great options for building your pool. The big decision should be based on which material will best meet your requirements, your budget and align with your family’s lifestyle.

Here is an in-depth comparison of concrete pools versus fibreglass pools.


Cost Comparison

Concrete edge pool overlooking Gold Caost hinterland

Generally, a fibreglass pool will work out to be about 20% cheaper to install and maintain than a concrete pool.

  • Fibreglass Pool Average Cost: $25,000-$35,000 and anywhere up to $50,000 or more.
  • Concrete Pool Average Cost: $30,000 – $75,000 or more.


A concrete swimming pool is an investment in your home and lifestyle. This means the initial costs will be slightly higher (+20% on average) compared to a fibreglass or vinyl-line pool. 

Despite the bigger financial investment at the beginning, using concrete construction has more advantages and greater benefits which you’ll find extremely valuable in the long term.


Flexibility in Design & Shape

Circular shaped pool built from cement & lit up at night

A concrete pool is more flexible in terms of size, design and shape because it can be anything you want or need. This is perhaps the biggest advantage over a fibreglass or vinyl liner swimming pool.

Concrete can be customised to precisely fit the required space in your backyard, no-matter how unconventional the required shape and size may be.

Custom pools can come in a range of shapes such as:

  • geometric pool;
  • freeform pool;
  • lap pool;
  • plunge pool;
  • spa pool;
  • corner pool;
  • custom shapes;


The types of custom pools listed above are all a possibility if you choose to build your pool using cement.

Fibreglass pools are famously inflexible because the pool shell is prefabricated.When choosing a fibreglass pool, you’ll need to select a shell template that will fit into your backyard.

There are a range of different fibreglass pools available on the market, but if the shape you want doesn’t fit your space, you’ll need to find a different design or consider getting a custom concrete pool instead.

A concrete pool can also be built as an inground pool (ground pool) or out-of-ground pool, depending on which option is more suitable for your unique property, backyard layout and your overall requirements.

If your backyard is an unusual shape, on a slope or has a corner to work around, you’re going to need the flexibility and customisation of a concrete pool.


Creativity & Style

Concrete swimming pool with waterfall feature

It’s seriously hard to beat the aesthetic of a concrete pool (see our gallery here) – they’re absolutely gorgeous.

With a variety of colours and finishes available, concrete pools can be easily stylised and decorated to blend in with your outdoor space.

They also lay a better foundation for more attractive designs and stylish features. When you build with concrete, you can create truly unique designs by including pool features such as:

  • waterline tiles;
  • a centre island;
  • a spa;
  • water features;
  • steps & ledges;
  • curved walls;
  • beaches;
  • seating areas.


Unfortunately, fibreglass pools have a pre-set style and the pool features need to come already built into the fibreglass shell.

This is fine if you are happy with one of the available fibreglass pool shapes, but it won’t be possible to add/remove or customise the fixed design features of a fibreglass pool shell.

If you are wanting to get a unique pool to dazzle your guests, concrete is the clear winner.


A Lasting Investment

L shaped concrete pool in Gold Coast backyard

Every pool material is going to require some level of on-going maintenance if you want to get the longest life out of your pool.

One of the greatest advantages of building a concrete pool is the lasting quality of your investment.

A concrete pool (if maintained properly) is something your grandchildren will enjoy, even after many years. This type of swimming pool is hard-wearing and will take 40+ years before it requires any kind of resurfacing.

Most concrete pools will last over 50 years as long as they are maintained. A concrete pool constructed by an expert should last a lifetime or more.

Vinyl liner pools are far from ideal in this regard. They’ll typically last about 6-12 years before you’ll be hit with expensive maintenance & repair costs ($4000+ on average.)

Fiberglass pools have a reasonably long lifecycle of about 15-20 years before the pool may need to be maintained or repaired.

If you want your pool to be enjoyed by many generations to come, a concrete or cement pool is what you should be looking to build.


Comparing The Installation Process

Excavator digging a hole for a concrete pool installation

Concrete swimming pools are a tailormade product so they take longer to install than their prefabricated fibreglass counterparts.

A concrete inground swimming pool installation will usually take anywhere from 1-3 months depending on the project requirements.

A vinyl liner pool can be installed very quickly, sometimes in as little as 2 weeks.

Fibreglass pools are much faster to fit than a concrete pool with the installation process usually taking around 3-6 weeks on average.

Beware: Speedy pool construction and a fast install is not always a good thing.

The lifespan of fibreglass is dictated by the quality of the fibreglass used and the standard of the installation.

If fibreglass is installed too quickly or shortcuts are taken, it will have a negative impact on the structural integrity of the pool in years to come.

It’s important to be aware of this because there are many fibreglass pools are installed incorrectly every year in Australia. This results in a much shorter lifespan for the pool, higher costs to repair and the overall stress + frustration the home owner will experience.


Variety of Pool Finishing Options

Oasis pool finishes

Concrete swimming pools give you the freedom to choose from a range of different pool finishes.

Unlike fibreglass pools, concrete can accommodate a smooth or rough surface finish and offer a wide range of interior finishing options. The pool finishes listed below are all low maintenance and should last for 15-20 years before needing any upkeep:

  • pebblecrete;
  • glass;
  • marble;
  • quartz;
  • plaster;
  • tiles and more.


Fibreglass pools tend be a little bland with no real alternative options for finishes. The usual fibreglass finish is usually super smooth and coated with a gel which makes the surface resistant to scratches, UV light and many types of pool water such as:

  • salt water;
  • chlorinated water;
  • treated water.


Some pool owners complain that fibreglass pool surface becomes too smooth, making it slippery which can be a dangerous problem on the pool steps.

If you’re looking for a truly unique pool design with a variety of beautiful finishes, you need to consider building a concrete swimming pool.


Expert Concrete Pool Builders

Gorgeous custom pool with landscaping

A swimming pool is a great amenity to add to your home this summer, and a concrete pool is the logical choice.

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, concrete pools will make your property more appealing and add more value to your home when it’s been installed by an expert. 

We’d Love To Help You

Our expert pool designers can help you choose the best pool design for your property and customise it to fit your family’s needs and budget. We’ll custom build your out-of-ground or inground swimming pool from scratch and guide you through the whole pool construction process.

To learn more about designing and building your dream pool on the Gold Coast, Brisbane Southside or in Brisbane City, call Oasis Pool Constructions on (07) 5649 9810 or send us an enquiry.


About Oasis Pools

Oasis Pools are a concrete pool building company situated on the Gold Coast in QLD Australia. We have over 20 years’ experience building custom concrete pools for homes and businesses.

Servicing South Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we are the trusted swimming pool builders (see our reviews) who can create a unique pool to fit your family’s needs.

Please contact us for a free no obligation quote or call now on (07) 5649 9810

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