Why concrete pool construction works better

Many pool companies sell off the shelf fibreglass pools, so you get to choose from a range of products.  At Oasis Pool Construction, we work with your available space to get the best pool for your lifestyle and your budget.  

So why should you choose a concrete pool? Are concrete pools better than off the shelf fibreglass pools? 

  • Concrete pools suit sloping blocks and different ground conditions.  If you live on a slope or near a canal, concrete pools can be engineered and designed specifically for where you live.
  • Concrete pools are built on site where as fibreglass shells need to be craned in.
  • A large percentage of the pools on the Gold Coast and surrounds are concrete because of the specific ground conditions.
  • One of the greatest advantages of building a concrete pool is the lasting quality of your investment. This type of swimming pool is hard-wearing and will take ages and ages before it requires repair.

Here’s some frequently asked questions

“I live on a steep slope, so do I need a concrete pool?”
A concrete pool suits and is the best option on a steep slope as it can be engineered to the conditions and it’s structure is self supporting, meaning it doesn’t rely on the ground to hold it’s weight.
“What happens if movement occurs in the ground near our pool?” 
Ground conditions are factored in by our engineers when designing the pool structure so that the pool shell will be able to withstand movement caused by bad ground conditions.
“What choices of finish is the most popular for concrete pools?”
The most popular finish is pebblecrete which starts with bas colours and can be upgraded to include more glass chip.  It is a hard wearing and cost efficient way to deliver an inviting pool.  Fully tiled is nice and can prove nice deep colours looks expensive and is!
“I’ve seen some pools look green, others blue. How do you get that colour change?”
It comes down to the color of the chip used in the finish of the pebblecrete pool. For example a blue chip (blue pool) or gold chip (green pool).  Adding a tile band, 3oomm strip of tiles below the pool coping will add to colour of pool also.
“I want a spa at the end of the pool, can you do that?”
Yes you certainly can, we can integrate a spa into any concrete pool.  The average size for a spa 2/2m.
“I want a water feature spout into my pool. Is that an easy thing to do?”
Absolutely, we can build anything such as feature walls, deck jets, spillways etc.
“If I have a concrete pool, can I put a wooden deck around it or does it have to be tiles?”
You can have anything around a concrete pool from a timber deck to polished concrete to tiles.
“What areas does Oasis Pools service?”
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