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Pools with an attached spa are a thing of beauty. We start from ground zero when designing, decorating and building your luxury spa pool. 

pool and spa combo

There are no restrictions with preset pool & spa design templates – We’ll work with you to custom design and build a unique swimming pool with an integrated spa bath. 

We’d love to get your combined spa pool designed and built so it’s ready for the blazing Gold Coast summer – as per usual, it’s going to be a hot one!

Don’t be discouraged if you only have a small or unusual-shaped backyard, we can make it work for your block.


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Pool & Spa Combo Design Gallery

Pools and spas both have their own features and benefits, so it makes sense to combine them and get the best of both.

Is a Pool & Spa design right for you?


A pool lets you cool off, relax, enjoy exercise and play pool games. Whereas a spa is designed for warmth, relaxation and the soothing massage of hot, bubbling water. But why not get both?


Are you curious about pool and spa combos and wondering if they are the right fit for you?  At Oasis Pool Constructions on the Gold Coast, we bring you the best of both worlds with our innovative pool designs that seamlessly incorporate spas for a luxurious and convenient experience.


Understanding Pool and Spa Combos


In the realm of pool construction, pool and spa combos are the ultimate dynamic duos. These unique designs feature pools with integrated spas/hot tubs. With the spa and pool merged into one cohesive unit, they share a common filtration system, making maintenance easier compared to separate pool and spa setups. In the case of fibreglass pools, the pool is specially crafted to include the spa within the design, ensuring a harmonious blend of relaxation and enjoyment.


Benefits of Pool and Spa Combos:


  1. Space Optimisation: If space is limited in your yard, a pool and spa combo offers an ideal solution. Instead of dedicating separate areas for a pool and a spa, you can enjoy the benefits of both without compromising valuable space.
  2. Seamless Transition: Imagine the convenience of moving effortlessly between your pool and spa without ever leaving the water. With a pool and spa combo, you can experience uninterrupted relaxation and hydrotherapy.
  3. Luxury and Elegance: Pool and spa combos exude a sense of luxury and sophistication. These designs elevate your outdoor space, creating a resort-like ambience that enhances your pool experience.
  4. Simplified Pool Covering: When it comes to covering up your pool, a pool and spa combo offers added convenience. Instead of dealing with two separate covers, you can use a single cover for both the pool and spa, saving time and effort.


Explore the possibilities of pool and spa combos and transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquillity and indulgence. Contact Oasis Pool Constructions today to discuss how a pool and spa combo can elevate your pool experience to new heights. For further information or an obligation-free quote, call now on 07 5649 9810 or send us a message.

Pool & Spa Combination Pools Built With Concrete

Our pool + spa combos are custom-made from cement. This gives us the flexibility to build a swimming pool that will perfectly fit into the space available in your backyard.

If your backyard is an unusual shape, on a slope or is very small, we can get creative with your block to maximise the total size of your pool.

Total Customisation

We follow a specific pool building process to ensure that our custom swimming pools and spas are individually tailored to:

  • Meet your family’s needs.
  • Fit your backyard or block.
  • Suit your budget.
  • Align with your lifestyle and way of life.


Check out some of our latest pool-building projects by viewing our swimming pool portfolio – all photos taken on the Gold Coast in QLD.

Why Choose A Concrete Pool & Spa?

No Limitations

We design and build our pools with concrete so you are not limited to a particular size. Building with concrete allows us to customise your new pool to your desired width, height, depth, shape etc.

Many other pool-building companies on the Gold Coast use templated fibreglass shells for their inground pools. This means they only have a limited range of shapes, sizes and customisations which may not be able to fit into your available space.

Attractive Appearance

A combined pool and spa combo is widely regarded as a luxury feature you only find in hotels or mansions. Now, it’s available for you you to add to your very own backyard at an affordable price.

When building your concrete pool, you have the choice of beautiful finishes and you can optionally add tiling or additional steps, water features and much more to make your pool stand out.

Add Value To Your Property

A pool & spa can add real value to your property since it adds the “wow factor” to your backyard.

There is even greater potential for added value if the pool has been well-landscaped and is integrated into the overall design of your property.

Durability – It Will Last

A concrete pool is durable and can have a lifespan of 50 – 70 years or more.

You also won’t have to worry about sharp objects damaging the pool structure which is a weakness of other pool-building materials like fibreglass or vinyl.

For more information, see our article on concrete pools versus fibreglass pools.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main benefits of concrete pool construction are:

Durablilty - An inground pool constructed using concrete is extremely durable and can have a lifespan of 50 years or more. Cement is sturdy and highly resistant to damage (even from a sharp object.)

No design limitations - Building with concrete allows us to build literally any size, shape or style you can imagine. Each concrete pool we build is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Attractive appearance - Concrete pools give you a choice of attractive finishes, tiling options and additional water features.

Add value to your home - A concrete swimming pool will add value to your property, especially if it has been expertly landscaped and integrated into the overall design of your home.

The most popular finish is pebblecrete which starts with base colours and can be upgraded to include more glass chip.

It is a hard wearing and cost efficient way to deliver an inviting pool.

Fully tiled pools provide deep colours and a luxury look.

A concrete pool which has bene maintained correctly should last 50 years or more.

If it has been well constructed and looked after, it could last a lifetime.

Resurfacing of the pool's liner may be required roughly every 15 years.

1. Maintain a constant and consistent balance of chemicals in the water.

2. Keep the concrete floor and walls clean by using a hard bristled brush attached to a telescopic pole.

3. Regularly run your pool cleaner.

4. Resurface your concrete pool every 15 years or so.

Yes it can.

Concrete is a naturally cold material which is not particularly efficient at retaining heat. Hence, concrete pools generally require a more effective heating system.

Yes, saltwater chlorinators are perfectly safe for use with a cement pool.

Yes we can, it's possible to integrate a spa into any concrete pool. The average size for a spa 2m x 2m.

Absolutely, we can build anything such as feature walls, deck jets, spillways and more.

You can have anything around a concrete pool from a timber deck to polished concrete to tiles.

A concrete pool is the best option for a steep slope as it can be engineered to fit the conditions.

A concrete pool's structure is self supporting so it doesn’t rely on the ground to hold it’s weight which is ideal for sloping blocks.

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