How to Make Your Pool Smarter

How to Make Your Pool Smarter

What is a smart pool?

A pool equipped with smart technology offers a whole new level of luxury and convenience to a homeowner: complete automation from literally the palm of your hand.

From a smartphone app, you can control and adjust your pool’s temperature, monitor chlorine levels, and switch on or off its lighting. This way, you can spend less time preparing or maintaining your pool and have more time enjoying it.

Available Technologies

Numerous technologies make a swimming pool intelligent. One of them is the remote pool management system. It allows you to control the pool settings from anywhere through a smartphone application or a web-based solution on your browser. A remote pool management system can be synced with smart home solutions like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

A self-cleaning system is another technology that makes a swimming pool smart. Installed directly on the pool’s floor, it automatically cleans the pool by shooting streams of water to push the debris towards the drain.

Then there’s the intelligent salt chlorinator. It tests the ph level by itself and dispenses the correct amount of chlorine accordingly to make the pool safe for swimming.

Lastly, a smart pool can also have an automated pool pump. This technology ensures that water efficiently circulates to maintain the temperature around the pool. Compared to traditional pumps, an automated pump uses less energy and can be controlled remotely.

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Benefits of Smart Pools

Smart pools can bring loads of benefits to Australian households including the following:

  1. Easy Operation – Gone are the days when you have to maintain your pool manually. With smart technologies, you can now heat, light, clean, and control the chlorine level of your pool easily. These tasks can be done using an application, which will enable you to pre-program and adjust the settings whether you’re at home or work.
  2. Time-saving – Manual maintenance of your swimming pool is very time-consuming. But with smart technologies, it will be taken off your plate and leave your weekends free so you can enjoy more free time at your pool.
  3. Energy-Efficient – Smart pools are energy-efficient, which means they use less energy to operate, reducing your household’s power consumption. Since they are controlled through an application, you can always check that the heating and lighting are not left open and prevent the waste of energy.
  4. More Property Value – Few types of home renovation can add value to your home, and these include adding a swimming pool. It is very attractive to prospective buyers but more so if the pool has the latest smart technologies. Properties with smart pools are homes of the future and you can trust them to have higher market value.

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The Best Smart Pool System

If you are off to shop for the best smart pool system, you must choose the one that will last for a long time. It should have most of the smart pool technologies available today in high quality, so you’ll get outstanding value for your money.

The smart pool system must also have an application that’s available in Google Play and iPhone Appstore, so you can control the pool on whichever phone you are using. The app should receive regular free updates to ensure that your smart pool will function effectively and efficiently. Also, the application must be user-friendly. This will ensure that everyone in the family can use it, even those who aren’t technology-savvy.

Make Your Pool Smart with Oasis Pool Constructions

A smart pool is the swimming pool of the future and something that you need to consider for its many benefits. If you have a concrete pool or plan to build one in your backyard, Oasis Pool Constructions can help equip it with the newest smart technologies available today.

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