How to pick the right swimming pool pump

How to pick the right swimming pool pump

If you want to build a swimming pool for your property, there are plenty of things you need to consider during and after the building process. One of those things is the filtration pump. 

But picking a swimming pool pump can be a confusing task as there are different operating systems and pump features to choose from. To make your decision-making a bit easier and help you pick the right product, we’ve put together this helpful guide to pool pumps for swimming pool owners.

What does a pool pump do?

A pool pump is a machine that takes care of the pool’s water circulation. It’s also the component that keeps the pool in good condition and suitable for swimming. The pump will pull water from the pool and send it towards the filtration system, heater, and chlorinator for processing. The swimming pool pump will then return the processed water to the pool, ready for the family to enjoy.

Components of a pool pump

Three main components make a pool pump work: the motor, the impeller, and the housing. The motor starts the whole water-pumping process by spinning the impeller, which is an inverted blade that sucks water from the pool and pushes it towards the filter.

The housing is usually made from a composite material called Noryl, which is lightweight, rustproof, and durable against a large amount of heat and pressure. It holds the impeller and motor, together with the minor parts of the pump like the strainer basket, diffuser, and cover.

The strainer basket is also an important part of the pump as it collects debris like pebbles, leaves, and small branches before they even reach the impeller and possibly damage it. Make sure to regularly clean the basket to maintain its efficiency. 

Different types

When shopping for a swimming pool pump, you’ll find that there are four types to choose from. They are classified according to the number of speeds they can produce.

Single-speed pump – The first pool pumps ever manufactured have a single speed, meaning the impeller will spin at a single speed that’s produced by the motor’s horsepower. There are many new single-speed pump products available in the market today. They are the cheapest pumps you can buy for your swimming pool.

Dual-speed pump – This type of pool pump is capable of high and low speeds. The high speed is like that of a single-speed pump and is ideal for the usual size of a swimming pool. On the other hand, the low speed is more energy-efficient and good for small pools.

Multiple-speed pump – A pool pump with multiple-speed capability. Each speed is fixed and preset by the manufacturer. You can switch from one speed to another easily according to the size and requirement of your pool.

Variable-speed pump – Equipped with a variable-speed controller, this pool pump allows you to set the speed according to your preference. Some variable-speed pool pumps today can adjust speed automatically on their own. It’s the most expensive type of swimming pool pump, and rightfully so since it also has the highest efficiency. 

Feet in swimming pool

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Energy usage

Most pool pumps available in Australia today are energy efficient. Still, they contribute to at least 16% of the energy bills of households. This number can go up to 30% depending on several factors that include the pump efficiency rating, the pool size, the frequency of usage, and the number of pool fittings. A pool pump will also use more energy if it’s fitted with a heater and a chlorinator.

Australian swimming pool pumps have energy rating labels on them so you can compare these ratings easily when making your decision. Some online tools will also help you determine energy efficiency, as well as the pool size and other factors. Utilise these tools to find the most energy-efficient pool pump.


Aside from the different types, it’s important to know about the various features of swimming pool pumps as well.

Horsepower – The speed at which a pump can suck water, clean it, and then return to the pool is determined by its horsepower. The higher horsepower it has, the faster it can do the job. A more powerful swimming pool pump will also allow you to operate it less often and for shorter lengths of time, which will help you save on energy costs in the long run.

Inground or Above Ground – Some pumps are built specifically for inground pools while others are intended for above-ground pools. Most pumps for inground pools are placed above water level, so they have the self-priming capability to lift the water vertically.

Electrical System – Some pumps run on 110 volts while others have a 220-volt plug. Some need to be hardwired into your property’s electrical system while others can just be plugged into an outlet. Whichever pool pump you choose, make sure it is accommodated by your home’s electrical system.

Turnover Rate – When shopping for a pool pump, you’ll find that different models have various turnover rates specified in gallons per minute (GPM). This refers to the volume of water that the pump can filter per minute. An ideal pump must have a turnover rate that can clean the full volume of your pool within 8 hours. It will ensure that you can turn over your pool completely every day to remain clean and clear.

Water Features – You might want your pool pump to shoot fountains of water for a more fun pool experience. Some pool models have this capability and other water features like a waterfall, bubbler, and water jets. Find the pump with the water features you want for a home swimming pool.

Ask Oasis Pool Constructions

Now that you have some extra knowledge at hand on pool pumps, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best pool pump for your needs. Ask the experts to make sure that you’ll be purchasing the best pump that will fit your pool. If you’re planning to build an inground pool on the Gold Coast, Oasis Pool Constructions can help you get the right pool pump.

We have more than 20 years of experience as the leading concrete pool builder on the Gold Coast. We also have experience in fitting the right pool pump. Our expert pool builders will help find the best pump available to match your swimming pool and your family’s lifestyle.

Call Oasis Pool Constructions today on 07 5649 9810 or via email: [email protected]

Let’s work together to build your dream pool in South Brisbane or on the Gold Coast.

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