Make A Splash with These Top Pool Trends

Make A Splash with These Top Pool Trends

Swimming pools have always been considered the height of luxury in any backyard. In recent years they have become more commonplace as we have been forced to spend more time at home. Being confined to our homes during the pandemic created new needs and wants in the modern family home and swimming pools are at the top of the list.

If you are thinking about adding a pool to your backyard or renovating your old one, here are some of the pool trends we can expect to see more of in Australian backyards this year.

Small Pools 

Small pools are the big thing this year. People do not necessarily think bigger is better even if they do have the space for a grand pool. Instead, people are looking at the purpose of the pool (relaxing, swimming, playing etc.) and are focussing on utilising the space in the best way possible.

concrete pool

One type of ‘spool’ that has made a big splash over the past few years is the Plunge Pool. Plunge pools are the product of our increasingly smaller lots of land in urban areas, usually ranging from 4 to 7 metres in length and 2 to 3 metres in width. These smaller pools, or ‘spools’, are perfect for smaller blocks and ideal for relaxation with the inclusion of spa jets.

Even though the price tag of an inground plunge pool can still read between $25,000 – $50,000 because of the installation process, they are generally much cheaper to run and heat up due to their compact size.

Lighting & Accessories

To feel the full effect of your new sanctuary, you will need to install the right lighting, water features and other pool accessories.

LED lighting in and out of pool has become a popular choice as it provides the perfect, soft light when trying to relax and allows you to switch colour depending on your mood. LED lights are also cost-effective and eco-friendly which is a bonus.

Another way to create the real ‘feel’ in and around your pool area is to add water features. They can be used for more than just decorative purposes and add to the overall experience of the backyard. Some popular pool features include waterfalls, fountains and rock walls.

Landscaping and design

As mentioned in the beginning, the past two years of stay-at-home orders have encouraged people to make the most out of their homes and gardens and create their own sanctuary. To make the best use of any space and make the pool fit seamlessly into its surroundings, landscaping around the pool has become an important factor.

Gone are the days of putting a pool in and leaving the rest of the yard – total outdoor transformations that incorporate the patio, garden, splash decks and tanning ledges are becoming the norm. There are many pool designs to choose from to best fit the space including wrap around pools and infinity pools.

Incorporating Nature

Incorporating parts of nature into our homes has always been popular and is said to have healing abilities. Natural wood, plants and stones formation are calming elements to bring into you swimming pool area and will add to the overall aesthetics.

Also, keeping your pool as eco-friendly as possible by upgrading your swimming pool pump to an energy-efficient variable, changing out traditional heaters to pool heat pumps, adding solar pool covers, and adding a salt water chlorinator is becoming increasingly more popular, and is important for the conservation of our planet.

Pool with outdoor shower and wood fence

Sleek and elegant shapes

The minimalist trend has permeated through our home for years now, so it’s unsurprising that people are brining bits of the inside out and continuing the trend around the pool area.

Simplicity may be the key word when it comes to pool design this year and popular styles like the infinity pool with seamless edges blending in perfectly with the backdrop may be the ultimate look.

Think Scandinavian, think clean lines and earthy colours and you should have no problem creating an on-trend swimming pool and pool area. Popular pool varieties still include the freeform pool, geometric pools, pools with a built-in spa and lap pools.


Ask us about Building your Swimming Pool

With this information at hand, you’ll be able to shop around for the right kind of accessories to suit your pool and lifestyle. If you’re still not too sure what is best for you, ask the experts at Oasis Pool Constructions. 

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